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You deliberately walk pass his class room just to see his face.

You keep his things as a souvenir.

You call him (and hung up) just to hear his voice.

Nam: May I speak to Shone please?
Shone: Speaking.

You do everything to become prettier.

Cheer: Shone is handsome so you have to be pretty.

You muster up the courage to talk to him face to face.

Nam: Get well soon.
Shone: Nam, thanks.
Nam: Yippy! Shone knows my name! He knows my name! He knows!

Times change.

People change.

Top: Let me ask you a question. Do you like Nam?

But the heart stays the same.

Cheer: You may not see him again for the rest of your life.

First love.

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Walking past your crush ..


Expectation :


Reality :


omg the gifs

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